Rustic Red Concrete Stain

Rustic Red Concrete Stain


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How to Concrete Stain


How To Stain Concrete

Everything you need to know!

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Concrete SealerAcrylic Concrete Sealer


Interior & Exterior Acrylic Sealer

Seals concrete, rock, stone, cast stone, brick, stucco and more.

Will not yellow in sunlight.

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Rustic Red concrete stainRustic Red concrete stain is rusty shades of red, browns and some tan.  Used indoors or outdoors, from living areas, business environments or exterior application such as swimming pool areas, walkways, patios or driveways, Rustic Red concrete stain is a great choice.   






Concrete Stain Rustic Red acid stain.Sold in 4 gallon cases, 30 case pallets,  30 and 55 gallon drums
 1 to 4 cases              $239.96 per case,  $59.99 per gallon
 5 to 10 cases            $219.96 per case,  $54.99 per gallon
 11 to 16 cases         $199.96 per case,  $49.99 per gallon
 17 to 21 cases         $179.96 per case,  $44.99 per gallon
 22 to 26 cases         $159.96 per case,  $39.99 per gallon
 1 pallet - 30 cases   $139.96 per case,  $34.99 per gallon     $4198.80 per pallet
 2 to 3 pallets           $123.96 per case,  $30.99 per gallon     $3718.80 per pallet      
 4 or more pallets     $103.96 per case,   $25.99 per gallon    $3248.75 per pallet   

30 Gallon Drums
1 to 5           $32.99 per gallon $989.70 per drum
6 and 12      $29.99 per gallon $899.70 per drum 
13 and up    $25.99 per gallon $779.70 per drum 

55 Gallon Drums
1 to 7       $29.99 per gallon $1649.45 per drum
8 and up   $25.99 per gallon $1429.45 per drum
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Only $19.99  Stock No:  KS-400                                                 
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KS-669 Acrylic concrete sealer.       Acrylic Solvent Sealer                                                     

$43.99 per gallon             4 Gallon Case  $175.96               Stock No:  KS-669-4                         
$41.99 per gallon         5 Gallon Bucket  $209.95                  Stock No:  KS-669-5                          
$35.99 per gallon       55 Gallon Drum  $1979.45              Stock No:   KS-669-55                          
KS-669 is a one component solvent Acrylic Clear Concrete Solvent based.  KS-669 is designed for use on concrete, masonry, brick and decorative concrete.  KS-669 is a high gloss, non-yellowing sealer.  KS-669 has excellent resistance against water and dirt penetration.  KS-669 dustproofs concrete by penetrating surface pores leaving a tough durable film.

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